Journey Within

Journey to the Light Within

Yoga Philosophy Workshop exploring the Koshas Model

Human beings define reality as that which we can identify through the 5 senses. If we can experience it through the body, we interpret it as “real.” Anything experienced outside the body is often regarded as unreal. Yoga philosophy, however, teaches that this mindset obscures our knowledge of the true Self and, in fact, leads to the suffering experienced by all human beings in this life.

This workshop will help you understand some of the components of Yoga philosophy:
• Five Koshas, or layers of Self that cover our true self
Kleshas, 5 afflictions the causes of human suffering
• Five Elements of Nature and Our creation
• Driving Forces of Nature and the wheel of life

These concepts together form a road map to understanding the true, authentic Self- the part of our nature which is unchanging and transcends the fluctuations of the 5-sense world.

The workshop starts with gentle yoga practice, dress comfortably!
• Gentle Vinyasa Yoga
• Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
• Mindfulness Meditation
• Mantra Meditation