YOGA BACKGROUND Karin has been teaching yoga since 2012 when she was certified as a power yoga instructor through the 200hrs Fred Busch teacher training program. Her greatest inspiration is Shiva Rea, whom she trained with, in 2018 completing two modules of her training, namely ‘Elemental Vinyasa’ and ‘Prana Mandala Vinyasa’. Her studies with Shiva Rea inspired her to create her own elemental yoga sequences, where she combines vinyasa flow, kriyas, and dance, making it a practice of devotion in motion.
LIFE IS CREATION With a background in theatre and dance, she was always eager to explore anything that had to do with movement: she danced tribal fusion, afro-Caribbean dances, and jazz. Her passion for dance and movement led her to study at the University of Malta where she is currently pursuing a degree in contemporary dance. Her vision is to create a program where yoga, somatics, dance, music, and art therapy meet in one enchanting place in the heart of nature. Karin is also a mother of two young children, her true gurus in this life, as children always serve as a mirror and an opportunity for self-reflection.