Devotion in Motion – Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Devotion in Motion is designed to equip you with the best tools to teach a full integrative yoga and movement meditation class and inspire others on their journey of self-discovery. Through movement, breath work, meditation, nutrition, art, and yoga psychology this program will open new doors in your self-practice as well as to your teaching. You will learn to teach elemental vinyasa yoga sequences, as well as movement meditation, conscious dance, and somatic bodywork. We shall use the teachings of yoga to understand its philosophy and also how to apply those teachings to our daily life. You will learn about the basics of Ayurveda, how to use nutrition as a way to find balance, and how to prepare easy delicious vegan meals, hassle-free. Our intensive Yoga Teacher Training will teach you correct alignment, injury management, and hands-on adjustments, so you will be ready to teach right away. 

This intensive self-reflective journey will mark the path to a more aware, embodied, and present-focused way of living. If you are looking for a more personal, small-group size experience, if you love the idea of 70% movement practice and 30 % applied theory, and if you are looking to enrich your learning experience with dance, somatics, and art meditation, then this training is a good fit for you! 


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Pillars of Yoga, Dance & Movement Meditation Teacher Training

  • Elemental Vinyasa
  • Kundalini Kriyas
  • Movement Meditation
  • Yoga Trance Dance


  • Breathwork
  • Mantra & Sound Meditation
  • Art Meditation
  • Vegan Nutrition, Ayurveda, Self-Care


  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Energetic Anatomy
  • Anatomy & Alignment
  • Teaching Techniques

…and much more!


8 AM Devotion in Motion:
Movement Meditation, Vinyasa Yoga
Conscious Dance, Mantras & Sound
10.30 AM Smoothie
11 AM Teaching Practice
13 PM Vegan Lunch
14-16 PM Lecture


3-4hrs Daily Movement Practice
Daily Teaching Practice
Smoothie & Vegan Lunch
Self-Reflective Yoga Philosophy Workshops
Training Manual


Movement Meditation
Vinyasa Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Conscious Dance

My journey…

As a little girl I loved to dance, it made me feel happy and free. My mother used to tell me all about how she used to whirl and swirl around the living room with me in her arms holding me tight. However, as years passed by I lost connection to my body, to nature, to myself, and it took me several years to find myself again. It was through my consistent daily jogging and yoga practice that I began to shift, to feel better about myself, to believe in myself, and finally, I began to dance again.

I furthered my education in prana vinyasa yoga, movement meditation, yoga trance dance, somatic practices, and dance improvisation, and I also completed a degree in contemporary dance. I started to discover the amazing potential that yoga and movement can offer in terms of emotional and mental wellbeing, and it was this discovery that motivated me to create this new program. A teaching program that not only enables you to teach integrative yoga classes, but helps you reconnect to your most authentic self through yoga, somatic practices, dance, and sound.

I have spent my last summer in the heart of nature, surrounded by trees and fresh waters, living in a yurt, walking barefoot, eating organic fresh harvest, starting the day with conscious dance practices and movement meditation, teaching yoga, creating art-work, and closing the day with mantras by the campfire, surrounded by like-minded souls. I felt connected, grounded, and at peace. I have never been happier. It is my highest desire to share this experience with you, so by the end of your yoga teacher training you will feel grounded, rewired, inspired, and ready to share your experience with others.


transforms your body gradually, releases stress and emotional blockages. It gives you a feeling of bliss and peace that you can bring with you into your everyday life. Karin’s YOGAFLOW combines VINYASA yoga and Pilates inspired sequences creating an empowering flowing yoga practice that lengthens and strengthens muscles at the same time. The dynamic sequences link BREATH and movement, building internal heat that opens the physical body for transformation, and stillness in the mind. Karin’s heart-opening yoga sequences offer a creative and energizing flow that will help you release stress, breathe deeper and become more confident. HeartFlow will open up your back and your shoulders through a series of strengthening and flexibility exercises. Our EarthFlow yoga sequences are all about grounding and reconnecting energetically to Mother Earth. On a physical level, we will work on engaging the pelvis, strengthening the hips and our core muscles, and opening the hips and the inner tights for better splits.


Our conscious dance practice starts with an invocation, where we meet ourselves, acknowledge our present body-mind-spirit state and connect with the Earth through grounding somatic movement practices. Our dance gradually spirals into liberating ecstatic dancing through shaking and kriyas. The rhythm of the drums invokes the Fire element and our dance evolves into embodied, free movement that is expressive and energizing. The pulse is softened by Eastern melodies of flutes as we explore the Water through conscious waving and intuitive discovery. The sensitive balance of energizing highs and comforting flows peaks as we embody Air and start to fly moving through Space with awareness and compassion.


Movement meditation is any type of meditation in which we are moving, as long as it is mindful and practiced with intention. Some people are so restless that they cannot use sitting meditation; thus, moving meditation is a gentle alternative that releases physical tension while allowing the body to drift into a meditative state by using repetitive movements and the breath. We will explore different forms of movement meditations, such as mudra vinyasas, pranams, kriyas, somatic movement meditation as well as walking meditation. This course will explore various forms of pranayamas such as nadi shodana pranayama or kapalabhati.

yoga training hands on adjustment

This module will introduce you to the main asana families, detailing the benefits and contraindications of each asana, as well as the art of sequencing. Students will study the correct alignment of the different yoga asanas, how to adjust, what to look out for, how to use props, and also how to modify and adapt asanas and sequencing to different needs. This module will also explain how bandhas and drishtis work, their significance, how to use the body`s energetics and energy lines during practice and also while adjusting.


Will reveal the differences and similarities of Yoga and Pilates and how to effectively combine the two methods. We will learn a variety of core exercises for the abdominals and also how to perform lower back strengthening yoga asanas “the Pilates-way”.


 This workshop will focus on developing awareness of the body’s seven major chakras (energy centers) and subtle channels (nadis), teaching methods to create harmony and peace in your everydays. We will learn about the gift of each chakra, about out=of balance states, about how asanas can help bring back balance, powerful affirmations, and chakra meditation. These practices assist the body and mind to communicate efficiently on a cellular level helping us to achieve balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.

‘Are you your body? Are you energy? Are you your personality? Or is there something else? Through exploring the five layers or koshas of our human existence we will discover our true higher being and how it is different from what we think ourselves to be. The workshop will introduce you to the alchemy of our human existence, the creation of the universe, vibration, the five elements, the gunas and the circle of life. Our topic will gently unfold into a deep conversation about the reason we are here on earth.


According to the Sutras, the five kleshas, or mental obstacles are the driving force behind our thoughts. Our thoughts impede our path toward bliss and enlightenment by creating a negative and painful mental field. Our purpose is to spot our thinking mind and to mindfully overcome those thoughts. This workshop will teach us how to recognize and dissolve these afflictions through the practice of yoga.



We will discuss in more details the pranamaya kosha and the related five vayus (winds) of energy flow, the effects blockages have on our body, mind and spirit and how different asanas can help release these energy blockages. The second part of the workshop gives a basic introduction to the nadis system or energy highway of the human body, explores ida and pingala imbalances in the human body and teaches how to deal with these imbalances through pranayama breathing techniques.

In the West yoga is known only as a physical practice, but in reality it is a vast collection of spiritual principles and practices aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve a state of enlightenment or oneness with the universe. The aim of this workshop is to introduce you the traditional yoga philosophy, to have a better understanding on how to implement the ancient spiritual teachings into our modern everyday life. We will examine the four goals (purushartas) of human life; and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (5 yamas & niyamas) defined literally as “the path to transcendence”.

While its exact origins are unknown, yoga has a rich history that can be traced back thousands of years. The history of yoga is typically divided into four periods, which include its origins, evolution, practice, and advancement. This lecture will introduce you to the different periods of yoga, as wellas to the yogic scriptures, The Vedas, the Upanishads, as well as to one of the most important religious texts of Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita. The second part of the lecture will tap into modern yoga history, and the different lineages, and yoga styles.


A brief introduction to the science of life, Ayurveda, to identify and understand how the forces of nature, such as the gunas, tattvas, and doshas work in our bodies and mind.  Ayurveda emphasizes prevention through nutrition and lifestyle practices that are in alignment with nature`s rhythms and wisdom. Thus by identifying your doshic constitution, this workshop will empower you to observe, practice, and change the life patterns that cause stress and imbalance in your life. It will give you hands-on lifestyle advice, nutrition tips, and also yoga practice tools according to your type.


Following a conscious, alkaline, vegan nutrition plan is one of the best lifestyle steps that one can take. Learn the basics of whole food plant-based nutrition, and learn how to prepare easy, hassle-free vegan meals even when cooking is not your strength. Our daily vegan meals will keep you light and energized throughout your day, moreover, they will inspire you to teach others how healthy can be also delicious. Experience the amazing effect of savoury warm dishes, fresh wholesome salads, and energizing smoothies, and say goodbye to high acidity, emotional eating, sugar cravings, ineffective die(t)ing plans, tiredness & low energy.


This workshop gives a thorough introduction to the basics of sound healing and to various sound healing instruments. You will have the opportunity to learn to play on Tibetan singing bowls and how to use them as part of your yoga lesson. The talk will be followed by a long sound meditation session with instruments and chanting.


On this workshop you will experience a full prenatal yoga lesson and prenatal meditation.We will discuss body and mental changes of pregnancy, possible challenges and injuries. We will learn breathing techniques and how to adapt supported balances, standing, seated and lateral poses to pregnancy. (This workshop does not qualify students to become prenatal yoga instructors!)

Testimonials & Trainees

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