Can’t do wheel pose? (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

wheel pose

We all love the flow and ease of a gentle vinyasa flow sequence that relaxes our mind and energizes our whole being from top to toe, and so do I. However, at some point in my practice, I had to realize that my practice was not complete since my flows did not include many hatha yoga asanas. 

One day I thought to try wheel pose, a pose that I still did with ease in my 20’s. To my amazement, I could not keep myself lifted. I felt a terrible pain in my scapulae and shoulders when I tried to straighten my elbows. I was terrified.

I’ve had bad shoulder and scapulae pain for several years now lifting and carrying my children around on my left hip, but somehow it took me longer to work on this issue.

  1. Sit on a large/middle-sized gym (swiss) ball and slowly roll your hips forward so your middle back will rest on the ball. Have your bed behind you, reach your hands above your head, and reach for the bed frame. To deepen your stretch roll back to rest your lower back on the ball and reach your arms down straight towards the floor.
  2. You can also use a chair to open your chest and shoulders, stretch your abdominal area. Sit with your legs through the back of the chair and place your feet on the ground. Place two big cushions on the chair. Gently lie down on your back so that your scapulae are placed on the front edge of the seat supported with a cushion. Stretch out the arms above your head and breathe deeply.

I wish you a joyful practice, wheels up!