Evenings start with movement and gentle yoga poses to release tension from the back, arms, neck. We practice several breathing exercises (pranayama) before we start to meditate.

Beginners especially could find it difficult to maintain a meditative state, this is because everyone is different. For this reason we use different techniqes each time to help you find the best that suits you.

The core of the programme is guided meditation (chakra meditation, mindfullness, yoga nidra), visualisation, mantra meditation, healing affirmations. A short discussion is accompanied by a soul-warming tea n the company of like-minded people.

hand of woman meditating in a yoga pose on beach

‘I heard that meditation reduces stress and has several health benefits. I would like to start meditating but I cannot do it…
Can you help?’

Often the reason people cannot meditate is because their bodies are stiff their breath is uneven and they don’t know how to ocupy their mind. Karin’s meditation evenings offer an integrative practice that help enter a state of meditation easier.