Gift of Chakras – Energy in Motion

Gift of Chakras - Energy in Motion

Introduction to Energetic Anatomy

Understanding the chakras gives you a better understanding of yourself and those around you. This workshop will focus on developing awareness of the body’s seven major chakras (energy centers) and subtle channels (nadis), teaching methods to create harmony and peace in your everydays. The workshop will start with vinyasa yoga, pranayama, meditation, followed by an interactive lecture.

You will Experience:
• Gifts of each Chakra
• Prana (Life force energy), Nadis (energy channels) Vayus
• Healing Techniques to balance one’s energetic field:
• Breathwork – Pranayama, Alternate Nostril breathing
• Mantras and Sound Healing, Tara Mantra
• Visualization & Powerful affirmations
• Chakra Meditation
• Chakras and Movement
• Vinyasa Yoga

These practices assist the body and mind to communicate efficiently on a cellular level helping us to achieve balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.